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  • Always


    Here today, gone tomorrow
    Crack the bone, get to the marrow
    To be a bee and the flower
    Before the sweetness turns to sour

    What we have we're gonna keep, always
    What we've lost we don't need, always
    What is it that won't let you sleep, always

    Be the arrow and the target
    Put your head over the parapet
    Be uncool, be awkward
    Don't look in the obvious place
    The soul needs beauty for a soulmate

    Get down off your holy cloud, always
    God will not deal with the proud, always
    Well if you dream then dream out loud, always
    Eternally yours, always

    I want you
    I want you
    I want you

    Know what to do yourself, always
    Go find yourself in someone else, always
    And always wear a safety belt, always
    Wait for me I'm running late, always
    This is the moment that we share for always
    Turning slowly into a prayer, always

    Now and forever
    For always,